Thursday, November 26, 2009

As a start... A Photo Gallery

On November 22, I enjoyed the privilege of sharing in a lovely little showing of 90 photographs, 30 of which were mine. It got my creative juices flowing enough to start this blog up. I haven't taken classes or learned many tricks of the trade, but I like to share nonetheless. I recall our travels by looking at snap shots, calling back one moment at a time the experience of walking someplace new to these shoes. I'm linking to Flicr where you can flip through my memories, and keep them if they move you.

Here I offer some highlights of our adventures. Check back every so often to see the world one moment at a time.

The Photograph

black mountain

The Story

Hiking with my husband through Santa Clara, California's Black Mountain open space preserve late last May, my husband and I walked out of the Bay area hustle in search of silence. Having endured an especially dark and frigged European winter, the view along the trail felt like we were seeing the first lazy sprawl of spring's sleepy arms shrugging off the old blanket, revealing the new. Baby green grass just starting to peak through the spent old growth, gray clouds curling over dark hills, all hovering under a bright sky; Black Mountain no longer.