Sunday, December 13, 2009


Greetings from Johannesburg Airport :)

Here's a time line:

Tuesday: Tala Game drive where we spotted the first on our list of the Big Five: The White Rhino, as seen below.

Wednesday: Shaka Zulu Land where we saw a recreated Zulu village and experienced a day in the life of traditional Zulu people, complete with dancing, singing, and traditional food for lunch.

Thursday: Shopping at the Workplace outdoor market in the morning, followed by our first afternoon of Convention

Friday: Convention, where it almost rained us out, and an evening near death experience in a local Durban taxi.

Saturday: Convention and dinner at uShaka's Moya restaurant where they sing at your table side and do Zulu dancing

Sunday: Last day of convention (where we got sunburned and nearly drowned by rain all in one day) lots of teary goodbyes followed by a local congregation BBQ (they call a Braai) on a horse farm between the airport and the a refinery. We had to leave this morning at 4:30 am to catch this flight.

Next post will hopefully come to you from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or Chobe Mowana in Botswana.


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