Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Shear size makes Victoria Falls hard to capture in a single photograph. It influences every aspect of the small town bearing it's name. From virtually anywhere you look there, you can find it's tell-tale plume reaching up into the sky.

The Photographs

The Story

Mosi-oa-Tuny, the smoke that thunders. Not much can prepare you for that sound. The pounding of so much falling water, the chiming of myriad insects, the hum of vegetation blown about by the fall's self made air current. You'd swear rainbows make sound too. One of the natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls holds court between Zambia and Zimbabwe, ignoring man's need for borders. Monkeys, warthog families, and baboons roam freely among the visitors, heedless of the wonderment the cause. We spent almost two hours walking the rim of the falls, led by well qualified and engaging guide, Sim from Zim. He gave us details, histories and legends. Under the pressure of that sound, I lost it all. I don't recall anything I heard. Anything, but the insistent roar.

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